Don’t underestimateĀ 

Often at times, we underestimate the power of silence, kindness, kisses, prayers and touch but they are mysteriously beautiful. When you love someone, you stay silent when they become thunder, you stay kind because you don’t want to resist her even when she is a mess of gorgeous chaos, you kiss her until it electrifies her soul, your silent prayers heal her in numerous ways which she can’t put into words and your touch makes butterflies churn in her stomach which she might not even admit but it makes her feel something.. don’t underestimate the power of these beautiful things … Continue reading Don’t underestimateĀ 


Now to cap it all, love is not perfect. It gets jealous and it blurts out the things it does not mean because of its anger. Love hurts you. It fights you for the littlest things. It makes you cry. It pushes your buttons and makes you upset. But, love is patient. It waits for you. It respects you. It soothes you when you are going through something really terrible. It heals your heart, slowly and by filling it with happiness. It cleans the dirt off when you throw up after a drunken night. It cares for you when you … Continue reading Love


Being single sucks, well at least it does in this generation. You scan all these cute couples in the streets or the clubs or cafĆ©s, being all mushy and romantic and caring and loving and you just dream about having someone to have a romantic and a sweet relationship with, someone with whom the conversations flow like wine and with whom the nights won’t feel incomplete anymore and their banters could keep you going even when you are going through something really shitty. It’s remarkable when you find someone you just connect with so deeply and wholly that you start … Continue reading SingleĀ 


“Good things happen to good people, bad things happen to bad people, it all depends on their karma” this quote is such a beautifully written piece of trash, hey, I’m not being cheeky, don’t take it otherwise. I mean, I’m sure then the victims of rape must be ill-mannered or must’ve probably done something horrible because why would their virginity otherwise be sacrificed for all those men who tried to take advantage of her innocence and delicacy. I am a deep believer of Karma myself but how does it explain its meaning when a female goes through this remarkably horrible … Continue reading R A P EĀ 

A poem

Amidst the darkness,Stood a soul, Wonderfully stitched with remarkable flaws. Wholly called as a man of dreams, But nobody heard his private screams. He built a wall higher than the empire state,  To keep people away from his miserable state. Only if someone had broken those walls, Then only they would know life was not Rainbows and magic balls.  Continue reading A poem

Getting over it

You don’t really get over anyone. You just try to cover up your brokenness by replacing it with hatred or anger or anything which is good for your ego. You do all the things which could hurt them and it is done knowingly, you want them to taste the bitterness of pain and that’s fine, we all have done that because we are selfish to not want them to get over us so soon. We want them to pay for how they wronged us and we want that to happen fast and in a more hurtful way. And to cap … Continue reading Getting over it

Don’t call yourself a writer

And for the sake of god, don’t call yourself a writer when it does not break your heart a little when you spill out your emotions while writing about something which runs in your mind; You’re not a writer if your written pieces do not consist of all the heartbreaking moments which you faced by having an innocent heart and a playful soul.  You’re not a writer if your heart does not ache while writing about what broke you because as perfect as writers’ words are, their way of connecting with their audience seems so beautiful not because they write … Continue reading Don’t call yourself a writer


The broken ones are not shattered,  The sadists are not depressed, The negative ones are not pessimistic, Simply because the broken ones had the courage to unseal their heart to invite the people in even when they had the fear of getting their heart broken, if at all, they are just the ones who hope to get what they deserve or more.  The sadists are not those people who are clouded by melancholy, they are that way because they faced hardships and instead of getting their heart broken again and again, they learned to glue all the pieces back together … Continue reading Br(ok)en

Truths of being a hopeless romantic

It sucks being a hardcore lover with a personality of loving someone too hard and falling too deep, isn’t it? Because being a hopeless romantic makes you crave for love so much that you decide to settle for anyone who wins your trust with his honey sweet words but fails to treat you the way you should actually be treated but the best thing about about a hopeless romantic person is that their stubbornness still won’t let them give up on love after all they know that love is not complicated, it’s the people who are an amalgamation of complexity … Continue reading Truths of being a hopeless romantic

Everyone carries memory mines

We don’t really forget the ones we cared for even when the moments seem to stay blurred as we grow old, their memories still reside somewhere in the deepest and darkest corners of our heart even when we learn to let go of them, their hidden memories which we thought we had forgotten until something insignificant triggers it, it tells us that we never really forget anyone. Just like a rainbow, they added a particular colour in our life and left once the colour had been mixed in our body and maybe at that time that colour was exactly what … Continue reading Everyone carries memory mines